Input quantities with decimals

How to input quantities with decimals🧐

Assume that you want to add to the inventory a good, the quantity of which requires decimals or fractional numbers.

💡 In "Stock & Inventory" you can do it following this simple and easy guide.

1) Go to the "Main menu" - "Settings" 

2) Select "Goods Properties" 

3) In the "Quantity field", press on "Number of digits after decimal point" 

4) In the new window, input the number which will suit your need for decimal numbers (also fractional numbers)

For quantity number: 7,5, input 1

For quantity number: 7,55, input 2

For quantity number: 7,555, input 3

5) After this change, all your products in the "Goods" screen will appear in this new format 

6) Now, you can add the quantity with the chosen decimal format - go to "Edit item" 

7) Add the quantity in the new decimal format 

8) It's added correctly, the corresponding document was created 

9) Here is how it appears now in the main "Goods" section 

Job done! ✔️

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