Exporting data to Excel

How to export Inventory to Excel🧐

In some cases, you may wish to export your list of goods or your current stock to Excel. It is especially useful when you need to:

1) View data on the big screen of your desktop 💻

2) Analyze data using advanced capabilities of the Excel

3) Create a file for importing data into another application

Moreover, in some cases, you may even edit your data in an Excel file and re-import it into the application again.

Here are some simple steps to export to Excel: 

1) Go to the "Goods" section.

2) Click on the Additional menu (3 dots in the upper right corner) and select "Export to Excel".

3) The below window will appear asking you if you would like to set Excel columns. In this case, we press "Yes" to show you the different possibilities of column assignation. Further on, if you wish you can skip this step and press "No". 

4) On the next screen select appropriate Excel columns for your data fields. Once done, click on "Export to Excel".

5) The following window will appear, where you'll be able to select if you want to view, share or save the file. In this guide, we'll select "Open" to show you how it works. You may try the other two actions on your own. 

6) Here we go, the app will open the created file with any application capable to handle Excel files. In most cases, this is "Google Sheets" or "Microsoft Excel".

Keep in mind that you can always change the columns assignment in "Settings" - "Excel Import and Export".  You can also change the size of exported images in this section. 

Additionally, you can export any document to Excel in a similar manner. 

Select the document, press on the 3 dots (as before), and select "Export to Excel". 

You can also export multiple documents at once from the Documents screen.

Tap on documents in the list to mark them for export and use the buttons below to save selected documents.

Job done! ✔️

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