Importing data from Excel file

You can import your list of goods or your opening stock into the application from Excel file. It is also possible to import any document (for example, purchase order) into the application from Excel file. 

Let's start with importing your opening stock or just your list of goods into 'Stock and Inventory' application. 

1. Tap on the 3-dots button in the upper right corner of your Goods screen.  

3.  You will see 2 options. In short, the first option imports only the list of goods without quantities and the second option also imports quantities in stock. 

4.  On the next step you will have the ability to set up appropriate columns for the fields. You can also access these settings anytime in Settings - Excel Import and Export. 

5.  Excel file for default settings contains only 3 columns but you can adjust column settings according to your needs.  The default column settings correspond to the sample file below. 

Importing into the Documents

You can also import any document into 'Stock and inventory' application.

For example, if your supplier sends your Excel file with your purchase order you can import this purchase order into the Incoming document. 

Use buttons in the upper toolbar of the 'Documents' scree to perform the import.

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