Stock and Inventory application has a rich set of settings that allows you to customize the app according to your needs.
Most of the settings are self-explanatory. Here we provide a short overview, explain the most important of them, and provide links to additional topics. 


  • Change the language of the application;
  • Set the size of images stored in the app:
  • Set up application protection by PIN-code and fingerprint;
  • You can also protect documents before the selected date from editing and reset the numeration of documents if needed.


  • Set the application theme (System, Light, or Dark):
  • Set color labels for documents;
  • Set color for items below the minimum quantity;
  • Choose list style for Goods screen - Table or Cards (small, medium, big);
  • Choose if you wish to view documents' headers, totals, and timestamps.

Goods properties

  • You can enable or disable barcode, description, and minimum quantity fields;
  • Decide if you wish to control the uniqueness of groups and barcodes;
  • Set the number of digits after the decimal point in the quantity field;
  • Allow or prohibit negative quantity in stock;
  • Enable usage of letters in barcodes. This setting also changes the type of keyboard for the manual input in the barcode field.

Excel Import and Export

  • Define Excel columns for fields when exporting or importing data to/from Excel.

Barcode scanner

  • Select one of the additional barcode scanner types if the default scanner does not work properly on your device;
  • Switch to the 'External Scanner' if you wish to connect to the external barcode scanner;
  • Choose appropriate 'Batch Scan' mode:
  • Set various options of the selected scanner to achieve the best performance.


  • Enable or disable prices in the app;
  • Set the default state of documents to 'Paid' or 'Unpaid';
  • Choose the currency and define currency format.

Minimum quantity

  • Set up options of the minimum quantity field and switch on/off low stock alerts notifications.

My Company

  • Input your company details (name, address, phone, logo, etc.) if you wish them to appear on your printed documents.

Backup and Restore

  • Create backups of your data and images;
  • Restore your data and images from backups;
  • Schedule automatic backups to the cloud;
  • Delete all of your data or only documents if needed.
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