Having different goods in different stores

Sometimes people have separate stores (or shops) that sell completely different types of goods. For example, you may have one store selling electronics and another store selling beauty products. So, in this case, you will wish to have separate categories (and products) in these 2 stores. You definitely do not wish to see 'Baby Oil' in your electronics shop and do not wish to see 'Headphones' in your cosmetics store.  

In the latest version of the 'Stock and Inventory' application it is possible to adjust the visibility of the group for each store. Even if you have several stores of the same type with similar products you can create the groups that will be visible for all of these stores and hidden in other stores. 

Follow these steps to set up visibility of groups depending on the store:

  1. Create a new top-level group or edit an existing group. 
  2. By default, the group is visible in all stores. 
  3. Uncheck all stores switch and enable the switch only for those stores where it should be visible. 

Only top-level groups' visibility can be adjusted. All nested groups inherit visibility of their parent top-level group (root group).

When you create a new store only those groups that are visible for 'All Stores' will appear in the new store. For other groups, you will need to adjust visibility manually. 

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