Transferring data from one phone to another

In some cases, for example when you get a new phone. you need to transfer data from one phone to another. 

If you use 'Stock and Inventory Online' (blue color application) then you just need to sign in to the application with your Google account and all the data will sync to the new phone automatically.

However. depending on the volume of the previous transactions it can take some time. That's why we suggest you do the following: on your old phone open Settings - Databases - press the icon with the gear(cog) icon and choose 'Create Backup'. When you have a fresh backup syncing on the new phone won't take more than 1 minute. 

If you use 'Stock and Inventory Simple' (green color application) then you need to perform the following steps to transfer data to another phone:

  1. Open Settings - Backup and Restore in the old phone.
  2. Create 2 backups: backup of data and backup of images (if you use them).
  3. Transfer these 2 files to the new phone or use Google Drive to save backups.
  4. On the new phone, again use Settings - Backup and Restore option to restore from backups. Restore the data first and after that - restore images.

If you have a subscription, you can also perform a transfer with Automatic backups - choose Backup to cloud in the same section Settings - Backup and Restore. On the new phone, sign in with the same account and choose 'Restore from cloud'

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