Customizing main screen

Look below. Is this the same app or not? You can make it your own app by creating a unique layout of the main screen.

Customizing the main screen is very easy. You can choose what action each button should perform and define a color for each button. Check the screenshots below to learn how to accomplish this task

Tap the button in the upper right corner to enter 'Edit Main Screen' mode

For example, you may wish to replace the 'Goods' button with the 'New Outgoing' action (this button will create a new Outgoind document)

Tap on the 'Goods' button while in layout editing mode.

Choose the new action from the list. In our case this is the 'New Outgoing'

The button action is replaced with the chosen action 

Now you can tap on the small icon in the upper right corner of the button to choose a different color for this button

Here is the result: you have a new button with the new action and color.

You can redesign the whole main screen in this way and create the most efficient and attractive layout for your purposes.

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