Can I add my own custom fields for items?

Yes, besides default fields that store common properties of Goods (Name, Barcode, Description, etc.) you can create your own fields to store additional information that is unique to your business.

When you add a custom field it will appear in the item's editing screen and you will be able to fill in its value for any item. This way you can store additional characteristics, properties, or parameters of your items.

For example, you wish to add "Color" property to your items.

Open 'Settings' - 'Custom fields for Goods'.

Press the big yellow 'Plus' button to create a new field and input the name of the field.

You can also choose one of the 4 available data types: string, number, date, and multi-line text. String is most appropriate in our case.

Now, the new field is visible in the item's screen and you can input a value in this field.

A new custom field by default becomes visible also in the list on Goods and Document screen. If you do not need to see it in the lists you can adjust its visibility it in 'List Settings' 

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