Working with weight embedded barcodes

Stock and Inventory app allows you to work with weight embedded barcodes. Follow the explanations below to set up application and your products for correct processing. 

Step 1

Open Settings - Goods properties - find the 'Quantity' field and set the number of digits after the decimal point to '3'
This will allow to input weight in kilograms into the 'Quantity' field.

Step 2

Normally, barcodes with embedded weight have the following patterns:
Where P or PP is barcode prefix, CCCCC - item's SKU, and WWWWW - weight of item in grams. For example, if WWWWW is 01542 then the weight is 1.542 kg
X is a control symbol, you should not care about it. 

To process such items with ease you should input only prefix and SKU parts in the barcode field of the item. So, you input only PPCCCCC or PCCCCC in the Barcode field since WWWWW - weight is variable part of barcode.
In this example, we add 2012345 as a barcode of the item.

Now you use batch mode scan button to add items to a document. 

If you scan an items' s barcode 2012345013208 then quantity 1.32 will be added to a document because application recognizes product 2012345 and extract weight 01320 = 1.32 kg from the barcode. 

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