First steps in the app

When you open the app for the first time, this is the panel that you see. 

From here you can access easily all main screens, such as: 

Goods: where you can see all your inventory

- Documents: where all the stock transactions are stored

- Expenses: where you can add all the non-related to goods bills of your business

- Reports: where you can see the overall information grouped by charts and graphs.

Additionally, there all smaller icons where you can: 

- Add new items (create an Incoming document) 

- Remove existing items (create an Outgoing document)

- Add new supplier 

- Add new customer

The rest of the icons, that are appearing on the bottom left are: 

- Gear icon: to access settings of the app

- Dialogue icon: to contact us for bug report, feedback, suggestions and/or questions

- ? icon: to access the help section

- ! icon: to check what features were included in the last updates of the app

We consider that the first step to start using the app is to enter your goods into the inventory. Each product entry creates an incoming document in the Documents section. This keeps a chronological record of everything.

Here is the easiest way to do it. It is the easiest one since in another article you can find information about how to enter your products in bulk using the import and export function to Excel. 

1) Go to the "Goods" section.

2) Press on the yellow + button. Will appear two options, to add an item or to add a group. 

3) Press on "Create Item" option to open the emerging window for the item's addition. In this window, you can add all the product information: Name, Barcode (you can also scan it), Description, Quantity, Minimum quantity, and Prices (available by subscription). 

4) Input there the information needed and press the + icon in the quantity field. This will open a new emerging tab for more details about the incoming operation. 

5) Input the quantity that you want to add and the buying price (available by subscription). Keep in mind that if you need to use decimals in the quantity, you can activate this in "Settings" - "Goods Properties". 

6) By pressing on the arrow in the middle, it's possible to change the document date, by default today will appear as a value there. Also, check if you need to fill the Supplier or Comment sections, that's up to you. At the end press "OK".

7) The last step of the item's addition is the image fields. You can add them by taking a picture from your camera or already uploading there the image from your gallery. You can add more than one image, but take into account that the first one, is the one that will appear as its main unless you decide otherwise by clicking on the main image selector.

8) Finally, press on the checkmark (on the top left) to save your item to the inventory. As said before, this operation will create an Incoming document in the "Documents" section.

We hope that you find this first guide useful for your productive start with Stock & Inventory Simple

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