There are 4 types of documents in the app:

  • Incoming - You create this type of document when items arrive at your warehouse. Items from the Incoming documents are added to quantities in stock.
  • Outgoing - You create this type of documents when goods leave your warehouse (e.g. you send goods to your client). Items from the Outgoing documents are subtracted from the stock.
  • Stock-taking - This is actually a stocktaking list that is created when you physically count items in your stock. Data from this document replaces quantities in stock records.
  • Transfer - You create a transfer document when you move your items from one of your stores to another. 

You can create documents either manually or import data from an Excel file. 

Adding items to a document is very simple - you just select items from the list of Goods and input quantity (and price if needed). 

On the screenshot below you see the content of a document. Use the big yellow 'plus' button to add more items to the document.

You can also use the 'batch scan' button to add items to a document by scanning their barcodes. Quantity of an item is increased by 1 with each scan or, alternatively, after each scan you enter the item's quantity manually - you can choose the appropriate option in  'Settings' - 'Barcode scanner'.

Tap on the top toolbar or swipe it down to reveal document's header panel.  

 You can edit document's number, date, customer or supplier, input a comment, and so on. 

Under the 3-dots button in the top-right corner, you will find the additional menu allowing you to customize the list view, export to Excel, or print the content of a document to PDF.

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