'Stock and Inventory' application provides a simple way to manage and control your stock using your mobile device.

Actually, we have 2 similar applications: 'Stock and Inventory Simple' and 'Stock and Inventory Online'. Read about the difference between them.

Menu item ' Goods' contains the catalog of all your goods including information about quantity in stock. You can add new items to the catalog manually or you can import the list from Excel file

To register transactions of goods in and out from stock you can create Incoming and Outgoing ' Documents'. These documents increase and decrease quantity in stock respectively.
Stock-taking document, created in process of stocktaking, directly changes quantity in stock according to the actual values.
Transfer document allows moving items between your stores.

For convenient and fast input, you can use the camera of your device as a Barcode Scanner when adding items to documents.
Moreover, our application allows importing data from Excel files and also exporting documents, goods, and reports to Excel. You can use this ability to exchange information with your back-office software, your partners, or for data analysis.

Use “Settings” to change parameters of barcode scanning, files import-export, colors of documents, etc.

Check the 'First steps in the app' article to start your work.

Our support is ready to answer any of your questions. We would also appreciate any suggestions and comments regarding our software. Use the “Question or suggestion” menu item to send us a message.

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